Just to encourage anyone struggling with the first book maybe thinking "alright I guess this is cool but why is it hyped so much?". I get it. The first book is odd, but ultimately fine. The last 50 pages are super cool but there's a huge slog in the middle, at least for me.
The second and third however, are maybe the best sci-fi I've ever read. The ideas are incredible and so interesting. One of those books where after finishing I just sat in my chair for half an hour and continued to think about it, doing nothing.
Also each time they introduced an idea and I thought "hm ok but what about X?" thinking I'd found a plothole, usually a page or two later he would write "As for X,..." it's crazy good.
Also, not spoiling anything I think, but just to whet your appetite, the proposed solution to the Fermi paradox is....I mean. It makes sense and is laid out so simply. I'll leave it at that.
Bite the bullet, read the trilogy if you like sci-fi.

此外,每次他們拿出一個點子時,我都會想:“呃,好吧,但是 X 呢?”我還以為我發現了一個情節漏洞,通常一兩頁之后,他就會寫道:“至于 X,......”這簡直太棒了。還有,我不是想劇透什么,只是為了吊起你的胃口,費米悖論的解決方案是... 我認為這很有道理,而且簡單明了。我就不多說了。如果你喜歡科幻小說,就咬咬牙讀完三部曲吧。