I think customer service people in China are not great at dealing with foreigners


I was recently in South Korea and Japan and love how they deal with foreign customers. I use gestures or broken local dialect and they understand and give me no hassle and don’t ask me additional questions. I felt like they are aware that I’m a foreigner and try there best to make me feel comfortable. I was even in remote areas and they still gave me no hassles.
It’s a hassle a lot in China and I am currently living there.The workers will just blabber in Chinese and try to advertise me something . I make hand gestures to tell them what I want and they always ask me additional questions in Chinese or hassle me in Chinese to download app or something.. I don’t know what their problem is. I’m obviously not Chinese and it’s obvious I don’t understand. I know basic Chinese and tell them I don’t speak Chinese and they still blabber in Chinese and hassle me. I feel stressed to go out a lot. I just want to buy stuff and not be bothered.
I feel like they are making my life harder and they don’t care at all.